My mother tongue is not Mandarin, but a local dialect called Yu Hang Dialect. I learned this language when I was a child even not knowing it yet, and it became a part of my life. Yu Hang Dialect is a branch of Wu language. It belongs to the Tiao Xi sector in the Tai Hu Lake area. It can be regarded as a branch of the branch. The population is not large, but it still has a long history.

With the passage of time, the promotion of Mandarin and the development of society, as well as the increase of the Out-of-town population, the use of Yu Hang Dialect in various places has been reduced, and it is even gradually replaced by Mandarin.


First, I will do a more in-depth research, discover some history of Yu Hang Dialect and present it in the form of charts, and then construct some scenes in daily life based on the survey and my cognition of Yu Hang Dialect to show the usage of it. And finally, combined with books and online media for display. This project is not only a demonstration of Yu Hang Dialect, but also the love of dialect users for their local language.



In order to show the daily usage of Yuhang dialect, I deside to build four scenes. Each scene is taken from normal acticity, such as the interaction between neighbors or a short conversation in the bus. The dialogues are provided with annotations for the audience to interpret.

Inspiration and Working Process

Breakdown and wip


Since Yu Hang Dialect does not have a written record, it is mostly learned as a spoken language. With the mixed use of Mandarin, now too many Invert Pronunciation Chinese characters are lost. Although this is an irreversible process, I still hope to use this project to tell my own understanding of Yu Hang Dialect, interpret it in my own way, and show how it is used in life.

Eric (HeShuYang)

2020 October