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Shape of the memory

For this project, I want to make a Wunderkammer about memory pieces. It has been half a year since I came to the UK, there are a lot of things that happened, and left me a lot of unforgettable in my 'cabinet', I want to show the audience those memory. At the same time, the whole project will reflect some characteristics of memory, like Faded, fragmented, focused, etc. (I like the notion "lost record but created the memory" from that work about the disposable floppy disk, and the idea "faded memory" from the class). The initial plan for this project was to use receipts as the container of memory pieces. I plan to create the 'cabinet' into 2 layers, the first layer is the 'cabinet of receipts' which will be a portal into the second layer, the memory pieces, which will display virtually. (Can be a piece of photo, text or video. the memory cannot be seen by the naked eye but through mobile devices in some way.)

Eric (Shuyang He)

2022 Apr.