I'm Eric Herilan

EricHerilan is my pseudonym. But you can call me Eric!

About my self

I'm a visual designer in real life, Currently working as a part-time designer in Yan Studio. If you're interested in my previous work, you can click the image below which will take you to the archive center.

Still, I'm a student, not have much time to actualize my dream. But this doesn’t mean I wouldn't do some extracurricular things, such as painting or cooking.(I'm not lying, I think I’m good at cooking though). And I also like to do some DIY stuff, and tid my balcony XD

About this website

I bought this domain in 2018, and start to build it as my personal website.

It's not an easy task for me, because I know nothing about website building. When it up online, this site was only a single html file contained a image with title on top.

Later I start to learn CSS and Javascript, then slowly enrich this place. There is still a lot of things to be done on this website. For now, I'll try to make it looks better.

The whole website's frame was simple, header footer and content. Seems easy to code. the first version took me a whole month to achieve.

The colors were extracted from a previous sketch(you can guess which one).

Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy and see you soon :D

A wandering soul in the galactic ocean

A light house will be my fortune